Turning Ideas into Successful Products

As an ISO-certified, award-winning fabricator of sheet metal products and assemblies for more than 30 years, Metcam leverages its experience working for globally recognized organizations and applies it to your great ideas.

Metcam Expertly Handles the Manufacturing, Management, Distribution and Promotion of Your Great Innovation.

Through our Business Solutions Division, Metcam helps inventors develop a strategic plan for bringing products to market. Then, we remove complexity by taking responsibility for either the supply chain (materials acquisition, manufacturing, inventory and shipping logistics) or the entire value chain (supply chain plus product sales, marketing and service). We use the leanest, most efficient manufacturing approaches available, doing our part to ensure your products are not only ready for the market, they are also right for today’s conscientious consumer.

Only 2 percent of patented inventions become commercially successful. With help from Metcam, you can focus on becoming one of them!

Business Solutions

  • Prototype development and modeling
  • Lean manufacturing completed end-to-end in USA
  • Best practices inventory tracking and reporting
  • Streamlined shipping logistics with varied delivery options
  • Value-add sales, marketing and customer service for turnkey solution.

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Turn an outdoor cooker into a wood-fired pizza oven.

Step ‘n Wash


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parents will never lift kids to wash their hands again.

End Supply Chain Hassles

The last thing inventors should worry about is manufacturing products and getting them out the door. Attempting to cobble together a supply chain is an unnecessary distraction that wastes time and money. Metcam can handle the entire supply chain for many products, and we are based solely in the U.S., enabling great ideas to come to reality with the coveted Made in the USA label.

Walk Away and Enjoy Your Win

For inventors who prefer to be strictly idea people, Metcam offers end-to-end value chain services. We take your great idea and help design the prototype, then manufacture, sell, store, market and distribute it. We can participate as a business partner or, depending on the product, we may offer to purchase your idea outright. You walk away with a pocketful of cash, and we take all the risk.