Metcam’s “Manufacturing Success Story” Takes to the Air Waves

Metcam President Bruce Hagenau recently went on Supply Chain Now Radio to discuss lean manufacturing, Kaizen, tariffs and more.

Bruce Hagenau, president and co-owner of Metcam, the 2018 Georgia Manufacturer of the Year, went on Supply Chain Now Radio to discuss his professional path, the evolution of the company, its core principles and new initiatives, and present industry challenges.

“We are still, I think, the only independent sheet metal fabricator in the Southeast that is ISO 14000 [certified for environmental management],” Bruce said. “How that leads to sustainable practices, that greener element is very important to me.”

To listen to the full thought leadership session involving Bruce, Georgia Manufacturing Alliance CEO Jason Moss and SCNR‘s Scott Luton and Greg White, please click here.


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