Necessity is the mother of invention, the saying goes. Need takes on a much more urgent status during a pandemic, whether its adapting your business approach to maintain an essential service or overhauling a plant to begin producing PPE. The challenge of COVID-19 is best met by an innovative approach and value-add, partnership-centric structure, two things Metcam knows a lot about. The inventive result is ExpureLED, a simple and swift disinfection station innovation that helps protect your frontline workers.

A joint effort between Metcam and Venture Engineering, with advanced design help from researchers, physicians and other experts at Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech Research Institute and Global Center for Medical Innovation, ExpureLED is a UVC LED light box scientifically engineered to kill both bacteria and viruses on PPE and other important items with a single blast. Your essential workers need only place the object to be disinfected inside – from N95 face masks to cell phones to virtually anything else that fits – close the door and fire up the 24 UVC LEDs.

Metcam‘s commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and quality, lean manufacturing puts it in the best position to take advantage of opportunities and react to industry challenges. Its full-service approach — from engineering consult to production, finishing and assembly and even logistics support — makes it a highly valued partner, too, especially when time is of the essence and the mission is critical.

In a time when ‘safety first’ means even more, Metcam is proud to contribute to a project and product with the most important goal – safeguarding people’s health.

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