The Fabricator recently focused on the kind of talent the metal fabrication industry will need in the coming years. Yes, the work ethic and mechanical aptitude of the individual certainly matter, as do the company’s needs and shop culture. But for 30-year industry leaders like Metcam, it goes beyond those things. “Many managers tell me they hire for attitude and engagement, the soft skills that will help the operation grow into the future,” wrote Tim Heston.

That future is bright once again thanks in large part to the hard work and determination of Metcam’s people. Coming off the pandemic year (and during National Mentoring Month), it is altogether fitting and proper that we reflect on the attitude, engagement and sheer will of the people who kept our essential operations chugging along.

Metcam’s 2020 Highlights include:

  • adding the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer to client roster
  • long-time Business Solutions Division client achieving a national retail product rollout
  • leading innovative ExpureLED joint venture to provide disinfection station tech to healthcare industry

In addition to intensive training, workshop retreats for frontline leaders and detailed guides to help employees fully understand the company’s quality systems, Metcam stages Kaizen (continuous improvement) events that are run by the shop-floor teams, not company executives. When commitment to excellence and quality initiatives also flow from the bottom up in an organization, a strong work foundation will be created and outstanding performance will no doubt follow.

An outstanding reputation becomes part of the deal, too. Heston continued in The Fabricator article:

Decades ago, arriving in Atlanta from out west, Ken Roostee, a (now retired) shop planner at Metcam, paged through the phone book business section. He didn’t call the sheet metal shops, though. He wanted the unfiltered truth, so he called the machine shops—those who supplied and collaborated with the sheet metal operations—to see which were the best in town. Metcam’s name kept coming up.”


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