The trade war and COVID-19 pandemic have sent huge shock waves into the U.S. economy and manufacturing, but original equipment manufacturers are playing small ball by looking to shorten supply chains, as well as reduce processing runs and inventory—the little things that could add up in the long run.

“Even prior to COVID-19, there was an emerging trend to bring manufacturing back to this country,” says John Mazurek, director of sales and marketing for Metcam, the 2018 Georgia Manufacturer of the Year. “Based on the impetus of what the current administration was doing, far more people were looking to repatriate business here. COVID has sped that up dramatically.”

Regional and local fabricating have certainly gained favor versus overseas production due to trade tensions followed by the unprecedented pandemic paralysis…

>> In this December FFJournal “Fabricator POV” article (click here for the full write-up), Metcam covers the following production needs, made all the more glaring by the industry adversity of 2020:

Reduce risk by not only re-shoring production, but also partnering with an experienced, full-service metal fabricator

Boost efficiency and achieve more versatility by shortening production runs and carrying less inventory

Maximize output by aligning the form, fit and function of your product via the fabricator’s in-house engineering team


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