(December 15, 2016)

Metcam today announced it has expanded its Business Solutions Division and now is partnering with inventors to offer end-to-end product manufacturing, sales/marketing and delivery pipeline, either through a joint venture or a product acquisition model.

Previously, the BSD helped inventors bring products to market by orchestrating the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative and sheet metal intensive products. Now, Metcam has expanded its involvement to include participation in patents and intellectual property rights, as well as management of product sales and marketing… ranging from developing websites and PR to organizing tradeshow participation and product distribution networks.

“Metcam has always been an innovator in its own right, in terms of our lean and quality efforts and our advanced manufacturing approaches,” said Metcam President Bruce Hagenau. “Now, we want to help inventors of sheet metal intensive products to leverage the award winning quality, manufacturing, financial, and environmental systems and resources of Metcam to bring their products to market. We don’t want lack of resources or manufacturing infrastructure to prevent a valuable concept from reaching fruition.”

Already, Metcam’s expanded BSD offerings are being put to full use in the debut of two products: TramBed™ and Best Built Cages™.